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Gauri Shankar

Unraveling Mysteries of Life - Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom

Book reviews

"This book will not be kept on my bookshelf but will remain on my table and I’m going to read it for the rest of my life. I’m going to learn from it and will meditate on issues covered in it. The wisdom, Gupta relies on and carries in his heart and soul is not a religion, nor a philosophy, nor a belief, nor a science; but is a metaphysical knowledge. It is the only and absolute ancient knowledge, which deals with questions that govern the world and human existence."
(Péter Müller) A Renowned Hungarian Writer
"Gupta is a true man of the world. He has wide knowledge of modern scientific and intellectual developments. But he is also acquainted with the wisdom of past. He is well equipped to speak to an international audience of intellectuals, religionists, and political leaders about the nature of our modern problems and the way forward to practical solutions. The solutions Gupta presents are based on the best that modern science and ancient wisdom have to offer us. By offering new ways of understanding who we are and where we are, based on his deep acquaintance with source of traditional wisdom, both Eastern and Western, Gupta gives us hope of a better future."
(Michael A. Cremo) A well-known US Writer
"'Unraveling Mysteries of Life' has been a major conundrum both for philosophers and scientists since the dawn of human history. In his book Ambassador Gauri Shankar Gupta has brought a sharp mind and creative imagination to bear upon the whole question. Basing his thesis on the ancient Vedic tradition of India as well as Western philosophy going back to the Greeks, it is a fascinating exercise which I am sure will prove of interest to a wide circle of readers around the world, and trigger a new awareness of the possibility of a convergence at last of science and spirituality."
(Dr. Karan Singh) President of Indian Council for Cultural Relations of India
"The book of the Ambassador is an especially interesting reading for a politician because it enumerates the fundamental international political and economic ideas and theorems, which define contemporary international discourse, yet studies them in much deeper, philosophical and moral dimensions. This captivating effect is the reason that the book cannot be put down, the reader is urged to turn page after page."
(Viktor Orbán) Prime Minister of Hungary
"This is the most wonderful book that I have ever had. I would take this only book to an island with me."
(Borbála Nagy) A Reader
"Now, might I take this opportunity to congratulate, yet another time, Mr. Ambassador, for writing a book, which will, in the end, be an eye-opener and a work of guidance for generations of Indologists to come and also for the general reader whose attention is caught by its most engaging title and the two pertinent reviews on the reverse side by Mr. Peter Müller and Mr Michael A. Cremo."
(Dr Tamas Dezso) Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, ELTE University
"The author of 'Unraveling Mysteries of Life' encourages us to get back to our roots and to the knowledge of our ancestors while he seeks resolution to serious problems, especially economic crisis, poverty, declining human health status or the damage to the eco-system."
(Erika Dienes-Nagy) ELÍXIR – A Popular Monthly Magazine on Life Style
"Gauri Shankar Gupta is – just like his idol Mahatma Gandhi – not only a diplomat, but also a thinker blessed with prophetical endowment, a guardian of the secrets of life which he has chosen to reveal in his latest book ’Unraveling the Mysteries of Life’ by comparing the ancient Eastern wisdom with discoveries of modern Western sciences."
(Ivan Aigner) DIPLOMATA – A Bi-monthly Magazine
"Thank you for.. giving us the opportunity to discuss your fascinating new book, for which I repeat my warm congratulations. You have provided an extraordinary view of human history and human nature, and have set down a major challenge as human beings proceed along an unsustainable and spiritually unsatisfying course of economic development. I find myself in agreement with many of your points, and enlightened by your analysis of the elements of human development and the pursuit of happiness. I look forward to continuing our conversation in the near future."
(Prof. Dr. John Shattuck) President-Rector, Central European University
"I have skimmed through your book already with much interest and would like to heartily commend you on its great erudition, deep insights and inspirational impact."
Pascal Alan Nazareth Ambassador & Author of Gandhi’s Outstanding Leadership
"The entire volume has an exceptional scientific and philosophic value, providing us with knowledge on both the power of human intelligence and the mysteries of creation, by which the author and his book are included in the golden panoply of universal literature."
Prof. Dr. Aurel Ardelean Founding Rector President of “Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad